Circle III: Go and Stop_Shadow Identities

“Circle III: Go and Stop_Shadow Identities” is a series of digital photographic work that gives a personal reflection of my childhood, utilizing "Hwatu", a popular Korean gambling card design as the background. In this series, three individuals at the center of a distant memory are visualized: my mother, father and me. I chose to present through self-portraits, as my parents were both objects of admiration and fear. In my hidden world, I would identify myself with my parents with distorted images of fantasy and dream that were constant throughout my life. These pictures were derived from the confines of my childhood and remained within me in the name of this experience. There was no clear separation from the memories based on reality and "memories" related to "Hwatu" conjured from my imagination. Through the visualizations of these images, I have attempted to reconstruct chaotic visions, produced from my past as a young vulnerable girl, into a reinterpretation of present myself. The Circle III series is a self-reflective project, which is a separation progress from "real" memories to fantasized images.